With carbon dioxide levels reaching new heights, everyone should do their part to help lower emissions. When you’re moving, you may not think twice about how much trash and pollution you produce. Certain elements of the moving process may be recyclable, but with the amount of driving typically done, the entire process can become problematic. One way to help the environment is to use recyclables during your move. This article from www.kipscrosscountrymovers.com discusses five ways that you can use recycled items to pack up your items.

1. Cardboard Boxes

A staple of the moving process, cardboard boxes can be a great recycled item to use. Cardboard is extremely easy to reuse. You can even find cardboard boxes that are already recycled. In that way, you’re not contributing to further emissions by buying new cardboard boxes. You’re re-using what has already been made. It doesn’t hurt to save those boxes to be used again later in life.

2. Grocery Totes

Another item to use that is recyclable and reusable is grocery totes. Perhaps you have a few of these at home already. These totes are popularly used in groceries to carry their purchased items. By using those totes, you’re no longer using plastic bags or even paper bags. In terms of moving, toes can be filled with loose items and easily transferred to the target location. You can then use the totes for their original purpose later.

3. Utilize Items For Packing Materials

One of the messiest parts of moving is the use of packing materials. Sometimes you just can’t get away without using them, however. Before you buy those packing materials, you should first try to use other items to help pack delicate objects. Blankets, towels, linens, and even clothes can be stuffed into boxes to ensure everything is secure. For those that do need to use packing materials, you should try to find a place where you can recycle them later. There are also packing materials that are, themselves, recycled. Use those before buying other packing materials.

4. Use Recycled Wood

If you have a lot of wood that you don’t need, don’t just leave it behind or burn it. That wood can be used to make shipping crates for your items. Do a little bit of handiwork and form drawers, crates, or even some form of a secure box. You can then pack your items into that crate. It cost you nothing to build it, and you utilized the wood instead of just leaving it behind.

5. Use Newspaper To Wrap

Besides just stuffing boxes, you often find that you need to wrap certain items before placing them in a box or crate. While there are some biodegradable options to use, you should first utilize what you already have. While newspapers may be hard to come by at your own home, you can be sure that someone else has a large collection of newspapers. Since they are made of paper, newspapers are a great item that can be recycled later. They also are easy to wrap around delicate items and provide enough cushion when wrapped multiple times to keep them protected. Ask around at businesses and neighbors to see if anyone can offer you their collection of unused newspapers.

Moving is never easy. This is even truer for people who move to different states. However, hiring a moving company can make things easier. If you’re thinking about hiring a Texas moving company, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to ensure that you hire a reputable mover and avoid becoming a victim of fraud or scam. Here are some KW moving company tips:

Ensure That the Moving Company Is Registered With the FMCSA

Your first step is to make sure that the company has the right licensing and has gone through the proper channels to move you legally. Start off by checking for the right licensing in Texas through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The FMCSA is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation and regulates the trucking industry. Its goal is to reduce the number of injuries and crashes on the road that involves large vehicles such as moving vans. In fact, the FMCSA has a mover’s search tool that you can use to find out if a moving company is properly registered with the USDOT.

Find a Company That’s a Member of the SMA

The Southwest Movers Association has been around since 1917. This group is dedicated to promoting a reliable, ethical and safe moving industry. Its purpose is to protect consumers just as much as it protects the movers themselves.

If you’re moving to, from or within Texas, the SMA should be one of your first stops. Moving companies that are members of the group have to follow certain guidelines and meet specified requirements. This regulation ensures that you hire a reliable company that you can count on. The SMA also has a Find a Mover tool that makes it easy to find a Texas mover in your area, whether you’re looking for an Austin moving company recommendation or a cross-country mover out of Dallas.

Look for Reviews and Consider the Company’s Experience

No matter how many organizations that a moving company is involved with, you still need to check out customer reviews. The Better Business Bureau and similar organizations help connect people just like you with reliable and trustworthy companies. On the front page of the BBB website, you can type in the service that you’re looking for and the area where you need it. This search tool makes it easier for you to look for moving services in Texas. You can also try this guide to moving services near you.

Also, consider how long the company has been in business. While newer companies can still provide great service, a company that has been around for a long time has to be doing something right. You can use their years of service as an indication of how well they treat their customers and to gauge their overall professionalism.

Use the movers tips above to ensure that you hire a legitimate Texas moving company that will meet, and hopefully exceed, your expectations. Don’t attempt to do a big move yourself. Hire a Texas moving company to get the most out of your move and enjoy the experience of moving into a new home.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had months to plan a move? You could organize everything and have neat rows of boxes just waiting to be transferred to the new location. Unfortunately, there are sometimes that moving must be done quickly. When time is of the essence, here are some tips to help you move in a hurry without damaging your stuff.

1. Get Rid of Anything and Everything

Okay, so maybe you cannot get rid of everything, but you can certainly reduce your load. Donate what you can to a local charity. If you haven’t worn it or used it for over six months, then you need to pass it on to the next user. You will be amazed at the things you can get rid of rather than packing. Plus, it will reduce the load you must put on your truck.

2. Heavy Items Go in Small Boxes

The first thing that people mess up is how they box their items. You are in a hurry, but you must take enough time to do the packing right. Reserve your bulky items in smaller boxes. It makes it easier to grab ahold of and carry them. Lighter things should go in the bigger boxes.

3. Use Lots of Padding

In a rush, you may not have the time to go to the moving store and get all the right materials. Thankfully, you probably already have many things around the house that will keep your breakables safe. Use blankets, paper towels, bath towels, and newspaper to help you pack. Professional moving services use paper and packing peanuts to keep things safe.

4. Pack Dishes Vertically

The best way to pack a box is to throw everything in it and cram lots of packing around it, right? Wrong! The proper way is to wrap each cup, plate or saucer and stack them vertically. Vertically stacking your dishes will give you more room in the box for other things. Plus, it makes it gives the items less room to move around and break. Just don’t over pack the box or it will be hard to lift, and the bottom could come out.

5. Label Each Box

No matter how quick you need to move, take a few extra moments to number and label your boxes. It will ensure that you know exactly how many things you need to move and where they need to go when you get there. Sure, it’s a little extra effort, but it will be worth it in the long run.

6. Pack A Necessities Box

When you get to your new home, you will not have time to unpack every box to find what you need. Instead, get the essential things like deodorant, hairspray, toothbrushes, and other items, and put them in one designated essentials box. It may be best to put them in a translucent plastic container and keep it with you. There is nothing worse than losing a toothbrush and needing to go to work the next day.

No matter how rushed you are, you should always make time to be organized. Sure, it may not be the most planned move ever, but at least, you will be able to transport your items from point A to point B without breakage and things being lost. For more on how to pack fast for a move or other moving tips, check out Cheap Movers Atlanta (inexpensive Atlanta and Alpharetta moving prices).

Moving a refrigerator is no fun. But it’s something you’ll have to do when moving to a new home. Appliance moving takes caution and planning to safely and successfully get the job done. Here are some tips for transporting your fridge in the back of your pickup truck.

1. Prepare the Fridge

Remove food and beverages from the refrigerator. Place the items into another refrigerator or freezer to prevent spoilage. Shelves and storage bins can be taped into place or removed. If there is a built-in ice maker, then find the water valve and turn it off.Unplug the refrigerator and slide it away from the wall. Next, secure the refrigerator door closed with heavy duty tape or furniture straps. It is also recommended that you wrap the refrigerator in a moving blanket to prevent scratches.

2. Load the Refrigerator onto the Dolly
A dolly makes the move easier and safer. You might think a hand truck would work just as well. But a dolly is designed specifically for moving large items, while a hand truck isn’t. If you don’t own a dolly, then borrow or rent one.

You’ll need someone to tip the refrigerator while you slide the dolly underneath. Grab the dolly strap and secure it around the refrigerator. Follow the instructions for securing the strap to the dolly. It’s possible that the dolly won’t have a strap. If that happens, then secure the refrigerator with one or two moving straps. Next, it’s time to load the fridge onto the pickup truck.

3. Put the Refrigerator on the Truck
Perform this step very carefully. Carelessness could result in a hurt back, a damaged truck, or a ruined refrigerator. Ideally, you’ll have a loading ramp attached to your truck. You can then easily move the dolly up the ramp and into the truck bed. But most people won’t have a ramp. In that case, you and your helpers will have to work a little harder.

Move the dolly to the tailgate of the truck. Have your helpers stand on each side of the refrigerator. While you’re in the truck bed, grab the dolly handle and prepare to lift it. It’s important that you and your helpers lift the dolly together. They’ll lift the dolly from the bottom while you lift from the handle. When the dolly is off the ground, move it back against the cab wall of the truck. It’s recommended that the fridge should always be upright in the truck.

4. Secure the Refrigerator
Great, the refrigerator is loaded. Next, use a set of ratchet straps to secure the refrigerator into place. This is especially important if you are moving cross country. Secure one strap over the top of the fridge. Place the second strap around the front. Pull the fridge towards the cab and tighten the straps. Make sure the straps are securely connected to the truck anchor points.

That’s it! The job is complete. Now you’re ready to get on the road.

L.A. Real Estate and Neighborhoods

Renting a 2-bedroom home in Los Angeles costs an average $4,115 monthly while purchasing a home averages a price tag of $785,000 in L.A.’s best neighborhoods. Hancock Park is one of the city’s most delightful for nature lovers, while Manhattan Beach is a great family community. Each area offers housing well within the average price range.

Of course, for people interested in a lavish, luxurious lifestyle, Los Angeles offers many gorgeous homes with price tags well into the millions of dollars. The Hollywood Hills neighborhood, for example, gives homes with an average price tag of $1.5 million. Downtown L.A. offers price tags a bit cheaper, with an average 2-bedroom home selling for $585,565.

Each neighborhood in Los Angeles offers its unique personality, traits, and things-to-do, but what’s for certain is that each neighborhood helps you live the life you want to live, in the heart of California’s trendiest city, of course. If you’re L.A. bound, it’s beneficial to get to know each neighborhood a little bit more. Uncover the beautiful homes, the thing to do, the schools and even the type of neighbors. When the day is done, you’ll be ready to relocate to L.A. like a pro!

L.A. Moving Companies

Searching for Los Angeles movers can be a daunting task, considering the sheer number of choices available. To alleviate some of the headaches of choosing a moving company, here are a few of the top names in the city.

Northstar Moving Company

Northstar Moving Company is an experienced moving company providing customers professionalism and expertise when it is needed most. Free estimates are easy to compare with other moving companies in the area. Northstar has served the L.A. area since 1994.

Excalibur Movers

Located on Hollywood Blvd., Excalibur Moves offers worthwhile moves at low prices. The licensed and bonded moving company has served the L.A. area for more than ten years and has become a name that people trust to transport their items from one location to the next safely.

Storage Facilities in Los Angeles

Storage facilities are utilized when relocating long distance, for extra storage, and for many additional reasons. If you need an L.A. storage facility to keep your items safe until you have room, consider one of these top names in the business.

US Storage Centers

US Storage Centers, located on Braddock Avenue, offers alarmed units, climate-controlled units, and units in sizes small, medium, and large. Great move-in specials make it easy to get a storage unit.

Farmers Market Self-Storage

Farmers Market Self-Storage is another self-storage option available in L.A. Located on The Grove Drive, this facility is open 7-days per week, offering 24-hour unit access. Regular and climate-controlled units are available, as well as regular specials.

If your boss wants you to move to a new city, you are not alone. Every year, millions of people relocate for their careers. Relocation packages are recruiting tools used to incentivize quality labor to move to a new area for work. The benefits vary depending on the size of the company, but most relocation […]

Oddly shaped furniture, long or sharp garden tools, water accumulation, and dirt on your outdoor equipment can make boxing your outdoor items for your out-of-state move challenging. However, the following tips offered by professional residential movers from Austin, TX can help make planning and boxing your outdoor pieces simpler.

Hose Down Your Outdoor Items

Given that your outdoor items have been sitting outside, chances are, they have accumulated their share of dirt, grime, and other debris. Therefore, to prevent creating a mess while transporting these items, experts advise that it is best to clean your outdoor furniture and other items before boxing them.

Rust resistant furniture can be hosed down; otherwise, simply wipe down the furniture with a damp cloth. Additionally, furniture items that have become damp due to rain or snow should be dried before boxing them. You should also wipe down your garden tools, pool toys, yard toys, and other outdoor recreational items.

If you are taking your garbage can, it should be thoroughly cleaned before transporting it. You should also be sure to clean your outdoor grill before transporting it. Furthermore, if you have a gas grill, you will need to remove the gas tank, as it cannot be transported by your movers unless they have the proper license. Lawn mowers and other power equipment should also be drained of gas before transporting them (for how to drain gas see this Youtube video).

Lastly, as you go about cleaning your outdoor furniture, be sure to inspect the crevices and creases for critters and other creepy crawlers that may have made their home there.

Disassemble Large Pieces

Your outdoor furniture can be big and bulky in its assembled state, which can make it harder to transport, not to mention, some items contain glass, which can break in transit if not packed properly. Therefore, experts state that you should disassemble large items and then pack each piece separately to make them safe and easier to transport. Likewise, swing sets, play structures, and gazebos, etc. should also be dismantled before boxing. Place small screws and other hardware in labeled plastic bags or containers to help make them easier to transport.

Transporting Your Plants

Moving can be stressful to your plants; therefore, experts suggest boxing them in a lined box that includes ventilation holes. Additionally, plants that need to be secured should be tied in the direction in which the branches are growing. Heavy or unusual planters may require special packing. Therefore, you will need to consult with your moving specialist.

Because of various state laws, if you are moving out of state, your mover may not legally be allowed to transport your plants for you. Plus, hot temperatures on the truck and the number of days needed to complete the move could kill your plants. Pare down the plants you’re taking and plan on transporting them to your new home yourself.

Pack it Properly

A crucial part of packing is incorporating the proper packing techniques.
Outdoor furniture cushions and other parts and accessories should be packed in sturdy boxes and containers. You may use large boxes for these, since these items are lightweight. Umbrellas can be wrapped in plastic wrap or tape to keep them secure while in transit.

For oddly shaped items or long garden tools, such as rakes and brooms, experts suggest wrapping the items in blankets or bubble wrap and then using string or tape to secure them.

Finally, chairs can be stacked and simply transported that way, otherwise, wrap them separately in blankets and then use string to secure them.

With these tips, you’ll have your backyard packed and ready for the move in no time. For additional tips and advice be sure to check out the blog!

If this is your first time renting out a storage space, it may have a hard time to determine how much storage you’ll need for your belongings. After all, a storage unit is one of the best options for storing your items that are there out of season or take up too much space in your home. To help you get started on determining the size of the storage unit you’ll need, follow our unit size breakdown guide below.

Breakdown of Unit Sizes

5’x5’ Unit

According to Cheap Movers Phoenix, a residential moving service based in Arizona, this size unit measures up to 25 square feet and is similar to a large closet. However, you should be able to fit a twin mattress, a dresser, and some boxes before running out of room. Other items you can include camping gear, toys, gardening gear, personal belongings, decorations, etc.

5’x10’ Unit

This size unit measures up to 50 square feet and is similar to a walk-in closet. However, you should be able to fit a queen or king-sized mattress, dresser, TV, furniture, and some boxes.

10’x10’ Unit

This size unit measures up to 100 square feet and is similar to a one-car garage. However, you should be able to fit up to two bedrooms of furniture, such as dressers, nightstands, mattresses, as well as chairs, bookshelves, and a couch.

10’x15’ Unit

This size unit measures up to 150 square feet and is similar to a one-car garage. However, you should be able to fit up to three bedrooms worth of future, including TVs, pianos, tables, appliances, and couches.

10’x20’ Unit

This size unit measures up to 200 square feet and is similar to a one-car garage. However, you should be able to fit up to a four-bedroom apartment, including a fridge, washer and dryer, dining table, and workout equipment. This size unit should be enough to fit a classic car.

10’x30’ Unit

This size unit measures up to 300 square feet and is similar to a one-and-a-half car garage. However, you should be able to fit vehicles and boats, as well as items from a five-bedroom apartment, including mattresses, dressers, dining room table, seasonal gear, TV stand, and couches.

Tips for Choosing the Right Storage Unit

1. Determine What You Need to Store

Create an inventory of everything you need to store. This includes furniture, appliances, other large pieces, and boxes. Use a tape measure to get a better estimate. Pay additional attention to oddly-shaped objects like bicycles and floor lamps. Use an app to keep track of the inventory as this will come in handy later when you’re looking for things!

2. Go In Person

Before renting a unit, you should always go to see it in-person first. This will give you a better idea of how large each unit is and how much stuff it can hold. Then, you can judge your needs better. This is also a great opportunity to ask the storage professionals any questions you may have.

3. Go Big

If you are still unsure about what size to get, it is better to go bigger than smaller. A lot of new customers have trouble judging their needs and often rent units that are too small. Check the price of the unit that is one size larger. Even if the larger unit has more space than needed, this will make it easier to find things should you ever need to retrieve them.