How to Move a Refrigerator in the Back of Your Pick-Up Truck

Moving a refrigerator is no fun. But it’s something you’ll have to do when moving to a new home. Appliance moving takes caution and planning to safely and successfully get the job done. Here are some tips for transporting your fridge in the back of your pickup truck.

1. Prepare the Fridge

Remove food and beverages from the refrigerator. Place the items into another refrigerator or freezer to prevent spoilage. Shelves and storage bins can be taped into place or removed. If there is a built-in ice maker, then find the water valve and turn it off.Unplug the refrigerator and slide it away from the wall. Next, secure the refrigerator door closed with heavy duty tape or furniture straps. It is also recommended that you wrap the refrigerator in a moving blanket to prevent scratches.

2. Load the Refrigerator onto the Dolly
A dolly makes the move easier and safer. You might think a hand truck would work just as well. But a dolly is designed specifically for moving large items, while a hand truck isn’t. If you don’t own a dolly, then borrow or rent one.

You’ll need someone to tip the refrigerator while you slide the dolly underneath. Grab the dolly strap and secure it around the refrigerator. Follow the instructions for securing the strap to the dolly. It’s possible that the dolly won’t have a strap. If that happens, then secure the refrigerator with one or two moving straps. Next, it’s time to load the fridge onto the pickup truck.

3. Put the Refrigerator on the Truck
Perform this step very carefully. Carelessness could result in a hurt back, a damaged truck, or a ruined refrigerator. Ideally, you’ll have a loading ramp attached to your truck. You can then easily move the dolly up the ramp and into the truck bed. But most people won’t have a ramp. In that case, you and your helpers will have to work a little harder.

Move the dolly to the tailgate of the truck. Have your helpers stand on each side of the refrigerator. While you’re in the truck bed, grab the dolly handle and prepare to lift it. It’s important that you and your helpers lift the dolly together. They’ll lift the dolly from the bottom while you lift from the handle. When the dolly is off the ground, move it back against the cab wall of the truck. It’s recommended that the fridge should always be upright in the truck.

4. Secure the Refrigerator
Great, the refrigerator is loaded. Next, use a set of ratchet straps to secure the refrigerator into place. This is especially important if you are moving cross country. Secure one strap over the top of the fridge. Place the second strap around the front. Pull the fridge towards the cab and tighten the straps. Make sure the straps are securely connected to the truck anchor points.

That’s it! The job is complete. Now you’re ready to get on the road.

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