Pro Mover Tips to Pack Quickly for a Last Minute Move

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had months to plan a move? You could organize everything and have neat rows of boxes just waiting to be transferred to the new location. Unfortunately, there are sometimes that moving must be done quickly. When time is of the essence, here are some tips to help you move in a hurry without damaging your stuff.

1. Get Rid of Anything and Everything

Okay, so maybe you cannot get rid of everything, but you can certainly reduce your load. Donate what you can to a local charity. If you haven’t worn it or used it for over six months, then you need to pass it on to the next user. You will be amazed at the things you can get rid of rather than packing. Plus, it will reduce the load you must put on your truck.

2. Heavy Items Go in Small Boxes

The first thing that people mess up is how they box their items. You are in a hurry, but you must take enough time to do the packing right. Reserve your bulky items in smaller boxes. It makes it easier to grab ahold of and carry them. Lighter things should go in the bigger boxes.

3. Use Lots of Padding

In a rush, you may not have the time to go to the moving store and get all the right materials. Thankfully, you probably already have many things around the house that will keep your breakables safe. Use blankets, paper towels, bath towels, and newspaper to help you pack. Professional moving services use paper and packing peanuts to keep things safe.

4. Pack Dishes Vertically

The best way to pack a box is to throw everything in it and cram lots of packing around it, right? Wrong! The proper way is to wrap each cup, plate or saucer and stack them vertically. Vertically stacking your dishes will give you more room in the box for other things. Plus, it makes it gives the items less room to move around and break. Just don’t over pack the box or it will be hard to lift, and the bottom could come out.

5. Label Each Box

No matter how quick you need to move, take a few extra moments to number and label your boxes. It will ensure that you know exactly how many things you need to move and where they need to go when you get there. Sure, it’s a little extra effort, but it will be worth it in the long run.

6. Pack A Necessities Box

When you get to your new home, you will not have time to unpack every box to find what you need. Instead, get the essential things like deodorant, hairspray, toothbrushes, and other items, and put them in one designated essentials box. It may be best to put them in a translucent plastic container and keep it with you. There is nothing worse than losing a toothbrush and needing to go to work the next day.

No matter how rushed you are, you should always make time to be organized. Sure, it may not be the most planned move ever, but at least, you will be able to transport your items from point A to point B without breakage and things being lost. For more on how to pack fast for a move or other moving tips, check out Cheap Movers Atlanta (inexpensive Atlanta and Alpharetta moving prices).

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