5 Ways to Make Use of Recycled Items When Packing Your Home

With carbon dioxide levels reaching new heights, everyone should do their part to help lower emissions. When you’re moving, you may not think twice about how much trash and pollution you produce. Certain elements of the moving process may be recyclable, but with the amount of driving typically done, the entire process can become problematic. One way to help the environment is to use recyclables during your move. This article from www.kipscrosscountrymovers.com┬ádiscusses five ways that you can use recycled items to pack up your items.

1. Cardboard Boxes

A staple of the moving process, cardboard boxes can be a great recycled item to use. Cardboard is extremely easy to reuse. You can even find cardboard boxes that are already recycled. In that way, you’re not contributing to further emissions by buying new cardboard boxes. You’re re-using what has already been made. It doesn’t hurt to save those boxes to be used again later in life.

2. Grocery Totes

Another item to use that is recyclable and reusable is grocery totes. Perhaps you have a few of these at home already. These totes are popularly used in groceries to carry their purchased items. By using those totes, you’re no longer using plastic bags or even paper bags. In terms of moving, toes can be filled with loose items and easily transferred to the target location. You can then use the totes for their original purpose later.

3. Utilize Items For Packing Materials

One of the messiest parts of moving is the use of packing materials. Sometimes you just can’t get away without using them, however. Before you buy those packing materials, you should first try to use other items to help pack delicate objects. Blankets, towels, linens, and even clothes can be stuffed into boxes to ensure everything is secure. For those that do need to use packing materials, you should try to find a place where you can recycle them later. There are also packing materials that are, themselves, recycled. Use those before buying other packing materials.

4. Use Recycled Wood

If you have a lot of wood that you don’t need, don’t just leave it behind or burn it. That wood can be used to make shipping crates for your items. Do a little bit of handiwork and form drawers, crates, or even some form of a secure box. You can then pack your items into that crate. It cost you nothing to build it, and you utilized the wood instead of just leaving it behind.

5. Use Newspaper To Wrap

Besides just stuffing boxes, you often find that you need to wrap certain items before placing them in a box or crate. While there are some biodegradable options to use, you should first utilize what you already have. While newspapers may be hard to come by at your own home, you can be sure that someone else has a large collection of newspapers. Since they are made of paper, newspapers are a great item that can be recycled later. They also are easy to wrap around delicate items and provide enough cushion when wrapped multiple times to keep them protected. Ask around at businesses and neighbors to see if anyone can offer you their collection of unused newspapers.

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