Service Directory – Local Real Estate, California Movers, and Storage Units

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Service Directory – Local Real Estate, California Movers, and Storage Units

L.A. Real Estate and Neighborhoods

Renting a 2-bedroom home in Los Angeles costs an average $4,115 monthly while purchasing a home averages a price tag of $785,000 in L.A.’s best neighborhoods. Hancock Park is one of the city’s most delightful for nature lovers, while Manhattan Beach is a great family community. Each area offers housing well within the average price range.

Of course, for people interested in a lavish, luxurious lifestyle, Los Angeles offers many gorgeous homes with price tags well into the millions of dollars. The Hollywood Hills neighborhood, for example, gives homes with an average price tag of $1.5 million. Downtown L.A. offers price tags a bit cheaper, with an average 2-bedroom home selling for $585,565.

Each neighborhood in Los Angeles offers its unique personality, traits, and things-to-do, but what’s for certain is that each neighborhood helps you live the life you want to live, in the heart of California’s trendiest city, of course. If you’re L.A. bound, it’s beneficial to get to know each neighborhood a little bit more. Uncover the beautiful homes, the thing to do, the schools and even the type of neighbors. When the day is done, you’ll be ready to relocate to L.A. like a pro!

L.A. Moving Companies

Searching for Los Angeles movers can be a daunting task, considering the sheer number of choices available. To alleviate some of the headaches of choosing a moving company, here are a few of the top names in the city.

Northstar Moving Company

Northstar Moving Company is an experienced moving company providing customers professionalism and expertise when it is needed most. Free estimates are easy to compare with other moving companies in the area. Northstar has served the L.A. area since 1994.

Excalibur Movers

Located on Hollywood Blvd., Excalibur Moves offers worthwhile moves at low prices. The licensed and bonded moving company has served the L.A. area for more than ten years and has become a name that people trust to transport their items from one location to the next safely.

Storage Facilities in Los Angeles

Storage facilities are utilized when relocating long distance, for extra storage, and for many additional reasons. If you need an L.A. storage facility to keep your items safe until you have room, consider one of these top names in the business.

US Storage Centers

US Storage Centers, located on Braddock Avenue, offers alarmed units, climate-controlled units, and units in sizes small, medium, and large. Great move-in specials make it easy to get a storage unit.

Farmers Market Self-Storage

Farmers Market Self-Storage is another self-storage option available in L.A. Located on The Grove Drive, this facility is open 7-days per week, offering 24-hour unit access. Regular and climate-controlled units are available, as well as regular specials.

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What the Average Relocation Package Covers

If your boss wants you to move to a new city, you are not alone. Every year, millions of people relocate for their careers. Relocation packages are recruiting tools used to incentivize quality labor to move to a new area for work. The benefits vary depending on the size of the company, but most relocation packages have a few things in common. For small companies, the average relocation package is slightly more than $10,000. At larger companies, the average relocation cost is more than $33,000. Standard packages typically cover moving expenses, house-hunting, temporary housing, cultural training, and miscellaneous expenses. Some employers are willing to give additional assistance for unique circumstances.

House Hunting

You can expect your employer to pay for two trips to your new location. The trips will cover your house-hunting expenses. Your employer will typically cover your airfare, meals, hotels and rental car. Most companies will reimburse child care expenses.

Moving and Storage Expenses

Moving expenses are included in most relocation packages. Your employers may cover your packing and shipping fees. Moving insurance is usually covered. Boat, horse, and playground equipment shipments are usually not eligible for reimbursement. Most relocation packages will pay for two months of storage fees while you are getting ready to move to your new home.

Temporary Living Expenses

If you cannot find a permanent home before your start date, you will need to live in hotels for a few weeks. Most standard relocation packages cover temporary living expenses for a minimum of one month after your arrival date. The company may reimburse you for your food, gas mileage, travel and hotel fees. The length of the reimbursement period will depend on the company’s relocation policy.

Miscellaneous Expense Allowance

The miscellaneous expense allowance will cover move related expenses that are not included in other relocation expense categories. The allowance will usually pay for carpeting, window treatments, and cleaning services.

Cultural Training

Adapting to your surroundings in an unfamiliar location can be emotionally taxing. If the company is moving you to an international location, your cultural training expenses may be eligible for reimbursement. The company may cover your language classes and international communication classes.

Tax Deductible Moving Expenses

Your moving expenses can be tax deductible. You can take the deduction for any expenses that are above the amount of the relocation package. The distance between your former job and your primary job must be at least 50 miles greater than your original commute. Also, you must be a full-time worker in the general vicinity of your new location for a minimum of 39 weeks. The 39 weeks must be during the 12 months after your move date. If your employer moves you again, the IRS will waive the 39 weeks requirement.